Tiger Industrial Rental Equipment

Mission Vision Values

Make it happen. That's the mark of Tiger.



Tiger Industrial is U.S.A. gulf coast region energy rental and service company that serves the onshore upstream, midstream, and downstream markets. Our reliable rental equipment and services reach across drilling, completions, production, pipeline, petrochemical and refining. Our core rental assets include pumps, matting, power generation, blast resistant buildings and pressure cleaning. At Tiger, our business philosophy is to provide reliable equipment within a safe and professional culture with a “Make it Happen” attitude.

Our goal at Tiger Rentals is to be #1 in our products for our geographic markets. We will accomplish this goal by providing the highest quality products in the industry, unequaled levels of service and creative solutions to our customers’ needs.



The outlook for Tiger Rentals is that we will flourish in future years through continuous operational improvements, relentless dedication to customer service and sincere respect for team members.



The leadership team at Tiger Rentals has established the following “values” that should be followed at all times. Each team member will be reviewed on these values.

Entrepreneurship - “Every Day a Better Way” ...Taking Ownership...Championing...Self Starting.

Execution - Timely, consistent, quality task completion without undue push-back.

Customer Dedication - Make sure EVERY task is focused on delivering for our customers.

Candor - Unfiltered, timely, assessment and communication that acknowledges reality.