Tiger Industrial Rental Equipment


Pumps come in a lot of different shapes, horsepower, models and sizes. From standard pumping units to the uncommon varieties, Tiger will help you find the right pump to use on your work site.

Tiger is recognized worldwide for renting an innovative line of high quality, heavy duty, high performance pumps. Tiger Industrial rents pump solutions for energy, industrial, construction, and environmental remediation. Tiger Industrial Rentals has a wide variety of pumps warehoused both domestically and internationally and strategically placed to provide our customers with efficient and cost-effective pumping solutions. From large volume and high pressure pumps to small, portable pumps, Tiger offers a wide range of pumps and accessories to address any job. Whether you’re in Drilling, Completions, Production, Pipeline, Refining, Construction, Commercial or Disaster Recovery - our friendly and dedicated personnel will work tirelessly with you to find the right pump for every situation.