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Providing the most durable and robust rental equipment with a huge fleet of inventory across the U.S. and abroad.

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    Tiger Industrial Rentals provides a full range of high-quality rental equipment to service the oil and gas, industrial and construction industries. We rent an extensive selection of blast resistant buildings, pumps, generators, cleaning and washing equipment, flooring and much more. At Tiger, you will work with experts who understand your business and will help you select the right equipment for your specific job. With locations throughout the U.S. and abroad, we are ready to respond at a moments notice. Call our 24/7 Dispatch at (888) 866-0047 to get started.

Drilling Package

Tiger's Drilling Package eliminates the cost to own large sums of rental equipment while delivering efficient and cost-effective solutions for your requirements.

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Frac Pack

As with our Drilling Package, Tiger's Frac Pack has the completions rental equipment you need to maximize productivity, reduce costs and get the job done safely.

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Well Testing

With Tiger Safety, we provide field service rental equipment, H2S technicians and safety professionals to mandate and write safety programs for organizations.

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Tiger's matting solutions include: ECOmats, Tiger Poly Mats, Tiger Laminate Mats, Tiger Traitional Wood Mats, and 8' Wood Rig Mats.

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Tiger offers comprehensive pump solutions for many projects types. From high pressure and high volume to small portable pumps, we've got what you need.

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Our mud vac units provide an efficient and affordable solution for clean up jobs in the industry such as maintenance of rig floors, shale shaker and mud pits.

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Whether your work site is in the middle of nowhere or in the heart of the city, Tiger will help solve your power generation challenges with large selection generators.

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Tiger's cleaning equipment includes pressure washers, hydroblasters, Myers jetter, screen cleaners and more. Our selection of equipment can handle any job.

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Light Plants

Tiger's light towers are an ideal solution for directional lighting applications, including outdoor lighting for oil and gas facilities, work-sites and construction job sites.

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Tiger's large selection of blast resistant buildings are available in multiple sizes and styles..

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Mixing Tank

Mud Equipment

Tiger has a variety of mud equipment. Contact one of our expert team members to find the right solution for your job requirements.

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Tiger offers tanks to move liquids from job sites. Our transport-approved, double-walled fuel tank provides on-demand fuel supply for construction equipment and temporary power applications.

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Tiger provides an assortment of pipe and accessories to address your upstream and midstream requirements such as pipe racks, pipe cradles or aluminum pipe.

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Skip Pans

Tiger provides a unique selection of waste baskets. We adhere to all governing standards and safety practices while providing the best service in the industry.

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Coppus Fans

Tiger's powerful Coppus fan offers fast and thorough degassing ventilation or cooling of large process vessels such as columns, towers, reactors, scrubbers, furnaces and storage tanks.

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Base Camps

Tiger has the solutions you need to develop an operational camp successfully in the event of an emergency. We offer customized plans to support as little as 200 to several thousand people.

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Coke Cutting

Tiger's Coke Cutting Pump is designed and built to withstand the harsh environments of hydraulic fracturing in oil and gas fields in the United States or around the world.

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